Official CoachComm® Cobalt Plus Custom Silicone Earmold for In-Ear Headset

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New from Coda Room Custom Audio, a super comfortable, fully-custom, plug-and-play earpiece made specifically for the CoachComm Cobalt Plus In-Ear Boom headset!  Simply replace the generic eartip with a soft-silicone earmold manufactured in the USA to the unique shape of your ear.  

Made from an impression of your ear, and customizable in thousands of color combinations.* 

Made entirely from soft, pliable, medical-grade/hypoallergenic silicone.   Choose from full-seal or open-seal.  Open-seal, or X-cross earpieces were developed to transmit your comms while allowing for some ambient sound to pass through the earpiece side.

*Standard colors are Clear, White, Black, Beige, and Brown.   Additional colors, including fluorescent & metallic shades available.  Swirls of up to 3 colors available... email to inquire.   Because this is a fully-custom product, we will need an impression of your ear, easily and inexpensively available from any audiologist or hearing aid dispenser in your area.

*Earmold only.  CoachComm Cobalt Plus unit and headset not included.