Final Audio ZE8000 Flagship TWS Empowered by 8K Sound/Bluetooth 5.2 / IPX4 Water Resistance/aptX Adaptive Supported/Snapdragon Sound Supported

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  • Flagship HiFi True Wireless Solution: The code “8000” represents milestones of final in the relentless journey of discovering new and innovative ideas, challenging limits, and realizing the impossible. It is only reserved for flagship models in which we have invested our maximum resources and our highest level of technology and know-how to develop something different yet exquisite.
  • Digital Signal Processing Empowered 8K SOUND Technology: By utilizing the latest DSP Technologies in acoustic design, ZE8000 delivers an unprecedented level of clarity, the natural “quality” and “esthetics” of every bit of sound, so-called timbre are revealed in full force, promising in a whole new level of music enjoyment.
  • Stressless & Sound Quality Prioritized ANC: The ZE8000 is equipped with a proprietary algorithm that effectively cancels only annoying noises and prioritizes sound quality and comfort without causing any discomfort or suppressing your signal.
  • Dedicated Mobile Application: Switching between 4 modes of ANC/Ambient Sound・ PRO Equalizer for easy professional, engineer-like sound quality adjustment・Setting of “Volume Step Optimizer” for perfect adjustment to your optimal volume・Switching of voice guidance language (Japanese / English)・Switching to “8K SOUND+ mode
  • In the box: final ZE8000, charging case, dedicated ear tips 'final TYPE Q' - SS/S/M/L/LL 5 sizes, USB-C charging cable, replacement dust filter, user manual, 12-month warranty, US-based customer support.