Custom Silicone Radio Earpiece for Officiating (Compatible with Airtube Headsets including CT-LAV)

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New from Coda Room Custom Audio, a super comfortable, fully-custom, plug-and-play earpiece for your choice of officiating radio!  Fits ANY system that uses a standard air tube/sound coil earpiece.  Simply replace the uncomfortable generic eartip with a soft-silicone earmold manufactured in the USA to the unique shape of your ear.

Made from an impression of your ear, and customizable in thousands of color combinations, this earpiece is uniquely yours!*

Made entirely from soft, pliable, medical-grade/hypoallergenic silicone.   Choose from full-seal or open-seal.  Fully sealed earpieces completely block out sound from entering that ear... great for high-noise environments when hearing your communications is key.   Open-seal, or X-cross earpieces were developed to transmit your comms while allowing for all sound to pass through the earpiece side...  perfect for the official who needs to hear that crucial "time out" without turning their head, or needs to hear a linebacker coming from the earpiece side to avoid a collision!

*Standard colors are Clear, White, Black, Beige, and Brown.   Additional colors, including fluorescent & metallic shades available.  Swirls of up to 3 colors available... email to inquire.   Because this is a fully-custom product, we will need an impression of your ear, easily and inexpensively available from any audiologist or hearing aid dispenser in your area.